Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I unloaded a lustre load on the weekend. I am not happy at all. My lustre is rubbing off! I thought that I would thin it down with some mineral spirits to make it flow a bit better and also to make it go just a little bit further (I had read somewhere that you can do that). I think that was my mistake. Everywhere that it was applied a little thin is rubbing off. I have 2 more 2gram bottles on order, but wouldn’t you know it, I need these fired by the weekend. So, I am hoping that they arrive sometime this week, allowing me to fire them Friday night and have them ready by Sunday.

Aside from my lack lustre lustre, I also have a sale this Sunday that I am NOT prepared for. Nothing is priced or packed. I will have to do it all on Saturday I think. I work that day, but I can pack and price at the studio when I get there in the afternoon.

I am starting to feel like my failed lustre, I am stretched a little thin, and I might start rubbing off soon.

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