Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I made it out alive...

Dave is finally back! He arrived in town last night and came by the studio to make sure it hadn’t burned to the ground while he was visiting family and friends in Kansas. I guess it was snowing most of the way through (He woke up to the evil white stuff in Billings). As soon as he got to the Canadian border, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

He did mention one funny thing that happened to him. I guess he stayed the night in a hotel in a small town somewhere between Kansas and Montana and when he asked for a room, he was told that the pool was not available as the community used it that night. Turns out, they were baptising local residents. Dave was looking at the goings on in the pool through the observation area and someone told him he was welcome to join them. He told him he had already been baptised but the guy said that everyone could use a “retread”. Too weird.

I am glad he is back. 2 weeks of late nights have taken their toll on me.

Oh, one more funny thing...the other day I was driving down a street in my neighbourhood, and a black squirrel darted out onto the road and I could see it was going to get squished by the car ahead of me. I wish I had been able to capture this on video as it was quite amazing. The squirrel did a hand stand. He stopped but the momentum of his body kept moving his back end up and over his head, and then he twisted to the side to avoid landing under the wheels of the car. I believe he made it to the other side. I didn’t feel a bump as I passed by the spot where he was and I didn’t see a smear on the road behind me.

No Pottery for me tonight. I am going to the movies. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, so I can take a wee rest.

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