Wednesday, August 10, 2016


This picture is of one of my favorites from the soda kiln we fired at Medalta and it does not even come close to its amazingness in real life.
When I got home from Medicine Hat I was exhausted, but the brain has been busy imagining new forms. This pitcher, although definately not a new shape in the world of ceramics, is for me. I have altered pots before but they always looked clumsy to me so I never really moved in that direction. I have given it a try again and I think I like it...
These teapots are also a bit of a change in direction for me, and I have made a few more to potentially go into a couple of teapot shows coming up this fall.
Finally, I threw these large bowls on the weekend. I know the two on the right were thrown from 9lbs of clay, but I think the one on the left was from 6.5 or 7lbs.