Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last kiln load of 2013

I got a few nice pots from the last firing. There were a few uglies too, but I can deal with that.
These two pots came home with me last night. One of them is the urn I made for my great Aunt Ellen.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Last Chance!

Friday, December 20th from 7 – 10 pm will be your LAST* chance to get some of my HAND MADE pottery before Christmas. I will be showing my work at Brandy & Moe’s Christmas Market located at Brandy Leigh’s at 233 10th Street N.W.
Along with my pottery there will be lots of other art and craft vendors to get that one of a kind and very unique gift that has eluded you this shopping season.

I will have a lot of my very new black and white sgraffito work, as well as some more colourful items. I will have tons of teapots, many mugs, copious casseroles, plenty of pitchers, bountiful bowls, you get the drift. If you want the alliteration to stop, come to the sale!

In fact, some of the items I will have on offer will be still warm (ish) from the kiln. I don’t even know what they look like yet!

So tie up your galoshes, put on your toque and come cheque it out. Oh ya, if you need more temptation, there will be bevies and snacks to munch on too!

It should be noted that part of the proceeds are being donated to charity. It’s like killing a whole bunch of birds with one stone. What more could you ask for?

* Technically it isn’t really your last chance, if you contact me at we can always work something out before it really is too late.  

These pics are some of the items that will be there, they are just in the kiln right now, so I can't give you a "finished" pic. You will just have to come check out the sale to see what they look like all shiny from the kiln.

Monday, December 9, 2013

An Urn

I finished carving the urn for my great Aunt on the weekend. I will bisque and glaze this coming weekend if I can fit a firing in. The urn will have a wash of blue underglaze and then a clear glaze all over.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Condo Restoration News

It would appear that there has been some movement on the condo restoration front. I was called on Tuesday to arrange to meet with the flooring company and pick hardwood and tile for my unit and I went over yesterday afternoon. I have picked it all, and it came in a little under budget, so hopefully I can use that extra money for something else that might cost a bit more. I ended up going with a hickory hardwood. It is dark, but not too dark. It is a really warm colour and I am sure it will be nice.
As for the tile, I only need a bit of floor tile in the bathroom and the laundry “room”. The laundry room is actually no more than a closet big enough to hide the stacking washer and dryer. I ended up going with a ceramic tile with a warm but neutral “marble” look to it. I was also picking tub surround tile and kitchen backsplash and went with 6x18 subway tile. The bath tile is a high gloss white tile with a raised repeating texture, reminiscent of upholstery tufting. There will be a plain un textured tile running about 5 rows up from the tub all the way around. The kitchen backsplash is also a white gloss with a raised pattern of miniature rectangular tiles.

I am NOT an interior decorator by any stretch of the imagination. I have always lived with 2nd hand, hand me down, or just plain old cheap/inexpensive furniture and all the choices in fittings and fixtures etc were already made. I have never been in the position to choose my own style. I don’t even know that I have a style. I just call it shabby lazy, not to be confused with shabby chic.

In this picture, the wood floor is the darker brown right in the middle, not the paleer wood to the left of it. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In Progress

After a couple of hectic weekends of pottery sales, I have not had much time in the studio. I did manage to squeeze a few hours in on Sunday morning before the last sale, but I always feel rushed when I have to be somewhere and never seem to be able to focus. I did however get a few things done. Trimming, throwing and scratching. I cleaned up a new wall piece with a rasp and it is now slowly drying. The sale went reasonably well and I made a few new contacts for possible new craft shows next year too.
Here are a couple pics of my most recent scratchings.