Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This past weekend

Well, I am back from a few days off. I went up to my old place of employment on Thursday to flog some of my wares. I managed to sell most of what was rolling around in the back of my car (you never know when an impromptu pottery sale might break out). Friday was spent in the studio throwing several pitchers and utensil holders, as apparently that is what my old co-workers wanted, and I only had 2 when I went up there, so they want at least 4 pitchers and one wants a good pot to hold wooden spoons. I went to the Telus Art Market on Saturday after work at Ceramics Canada. I go to see what the other potters are up to, and to hopefully glean new ideas. I gotta say, not impressed. There were a lot of jewelry booths (I think there are little children chained up in basements all year stringing beads), foodie booths full of candy, fudge, tapinad mixes, hot sauce sellers, wine stopper makers, cedar planks all dressed up to grill fish on etc, but only 4 or 5 pottery booths. I have seen most of them before, and their booths were tiny and uninspiring (to me anyway).
I then spent Sunday in the studio from 10-3:30 and then went over to my parent's house for an excellent roast beef dins with all the fixins (yams, yorkshire pud, roast potatoe, salad etc). I spent 90% of Monday under the covers. It was so bleedin cold out that I only ventured out to go get some groceries, and then burrowed into my cocoon again as soon as I got home. I must have been either a bear or a caterpillar in a previous life as I did a lot of hibernating and cocoon making.
This is a picture of some of what I threw on Friday and then trimmed on Sunday.

These jugs all have handles now and are patiently drying.

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