Friday, December 3, 2010

Further adventures in dreamland

I got my new computer home last night, and I love it. It is much more functional than my 17 inch paper weight. The screen is fantastic, and everything is so crisp and clean. Now the transfer begins. It’s going to be a bear though. My pc laptop has power cord issues, so I have to use battery power. I use an old laptop that has screen issues to charge a spare battery while I am using the laptop with power cord issues. I only get about 1.5 hours of working time per charge, and then it is less if I am doing things like copying files, burning cd's,, I see a lot of hair pulling in my future as I attempt to get all my files off of it and onto my new one, especially the media files like pictures, and music.
Didn’t say too much in my dreams last night, I saved up 1 sentence for the very end around 6am, and again, I have no recollection of the dream but here’s a transcript...”I’m not sure what the hourly rate is...I’m not going down to that...thing....jfkldaj” Not too sure what that was about...
It was obviously somewhere I really did not want to go, and I said “thing” with a bit of derision in my voice, like it was totally beneath me, and why would I ever go there. I find it funny that even in my sleep, I sound totally coherent. I sound as if I am completely aware of what I am saying.
Loading bisque load tonight. I am not sure if I have a full load, but I need to fire this weekend regardless, as I need to load a glaze on Sunday if I am going to get my orders out in time.

This is the sky last night as I was driving home

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