Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did you just take what I thought I saw you take?

I was teaching my usual class last night, and the class was moving along and one student was perusing the ware shelves looking for their recently glazed pieces.  They picked up a small cup that out of the corner of my eye, looked suspiciously like one of my glaze samples. As I am not one to jump to conclusions, I try not to jump into accusation mode right away. I tend to suffer from the dreaded foot in mouth disease, so I keep said mouth shut when I feel an attack coming on. Admittedly, I had left it on the shelf for quite a while, as I didn't like the result, and was never going to sell/use it as a functional cup, and I had not signed it, it’s a test. I didn’t think anything of it, but by the end of class, after everyone had pretty much left, I remembered what I thought I had seen, and went to investigate. I was right, that test bowl was gone. So...why would you take something that clearly is not yours? I don’t mind that this student took it, but I do mind that this student (avoiding gender here so as not to single them out, just in case I am wrong) did not ask.
The funny thing is that the glaze was way too dry and rough feeling and was not pleasant to hold. It had a somewhat appealing colour (straw yellow?) but that was it’s only redeeming quality.

Plus, if you are going to steal something, why not go for the good stuff? That reminds me of when I used to work for a little liquor store about 14 years ago. It was attached to the restaurant right beside it (same owners) and I ate way too many french fries and chicken fingers that summer. Anyway, I came to work one day and the boss was telling me about how the liquor store had been robbed over night. Whoever it was broke into the store, looked for the safe, decided that a safe that was concreted into the floor was probably not the easiest thing to take and proceeded to steal liquor and beer. Here’s the funny bit....they stole all the cheap liquor....Grant’s Scotch Whiskey and the really cheap vodka that comes in a large plastic bottle, not the Glenlivet, or Glenfiddich (one shelf up dummies) or the good vodka, and then, they stole beer, but again, bypassed the micro brew stuff and went for Labbatt Black Label and Lucky Lager Strong. I learned a lot that summer working at the liquor store. Lesson numero uno....never become a regular at a liquor store, and the other lesson....don’t spray beer in the eye, it stings, a lot. Oh ya, one other lesson learned, when you come weaving your way into the store and buy 2 mickeys of vodka, it doesn't mean that you are not an alcoholic because you didn't by the 26er. That is like saying I'm only going to drink half now and half later....when I wake up and peel my face off the toilet seat. I could expound more on the joys of plying liquor as a trade, but it really never got much better than that. My sister is a bar tender at one of the best pubs in town, and I am sure that she has way better stories to tell.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!
    HAHAHAHHAHH! that's terrible. does this mean i really could have gotten away with the garbage can tea pot i loved i with a blog entry being my only consequence??

    ps-you might know who i am by the sounds of my urgent and anxious question regarding speckled plum mishaps--- one night about two weeks ago i thought glazing fifteen pieces would be NO BIG DEAL. right. ridiculous. so.. my speckled plum never ended up getting it's planned clear coat overtop and i was terribly sad. any chance you could tell me if things turned out semi-cool/interesting? i'm away til wednesday i can't tell you how the suspense is killing me!