Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas crunch and other stuff

I had something really super intelligent to say today. At least that is what I thought when I went to sleep last night. However, it appears to have leaked out of my brain while I was sleeping. I’m still using the sleep tracker app on my iphone in an attempt to record my dreams. Apparently we won 831 to 2. I’m not sure what we were playing, but man did we cream the other guys.
I will be loading a bisque tomorrow evening, as I need to get some orders finished before Christmas and this will be my last opportunity to get everything done in time.  I will be dog/house sitting for my parents while they go off to the Centre of the Universe (Toronto) next week, and I am foreseeing that I will not be able to get much studio time in there. Ginger is a 14 yr old German shepherd cross (what she was crossed with, we are not sure, perhaps a pig). She came from ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), and so her pedigree is a bit uncertain. Anyway, as you can imagine, she is old, somewhat blind, mostly deaf, and very arthritic. She does still think she is a puppy though. She has Cushings disease and is prone to incontinence. Oh yeah, she is on heart medication for this disease that is a diuretic. I am imagining a lot of carpet cleaning in my future, especially because I work days and will have to pee her early in the morning when I wake up, then again before I leave, and then I will have to rush home to pee her at lunch, and then again when I get home, and then again after dinner and then again before bed, and then again just before bed, and I am sure again in the middle of the night. But I love her, and what can you do?

And look what just came!!!

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