Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting to know your new co-workers and friends thru acts of humiliation

I wrote this post, e-mailed it to blogger, and then forgot to post it. Here it is, a little late, but better than never. I have updated it at the bottom.

I signed up for the company golf tournament. Most people wouldn’t have a problem with this. I on the other hand am widely known for my lack of coordination and really bizarre acts of klutziness. In fact, my friend Christy (whom I only ever get to see once or twice a year now), instead of a normal greeting of hi, hello, how ya doing, usually just starts laughing when she sees me as she is probably remembering some of my more memorable moments of ego bruising.

I have been watching the forecast, and I am pretty sure it is gonna be cold and wet tomorrow. This will greatly increase the rate at which I humiliate myself (slipping in mud while thrashing away in a sand bunker or the rough will be a foregone conclusion). I guess it is a good thing that only 4 people make up a group of golfers. I don’t need a bigger audience. I will just have to think of something really good to explain why my A?@#$ is all muddy etcetera.


This golfing thing is going to impinge on my studio time though. I really need to get the 100 pounds of pots that I threw last weekend trimmed, dried and bisque fired so that I can finish my tea service that is on order.


I have mentioned before that I will be trekking down to Medalta to fire up the salt kiln in November, and in preparation for that, I picked up 100 pounds of ^10 BMix throw. I managed to throw it all this past long weekend (except for the little lump left over that I will use to handle 2 small teapots). Several small bowls (300g) perfect for ice cream, nuts, fruit etc, a dozen or so small mugs (200g), 8 tall 800g mugs(attempting to recreate some of the wonderfulness that was my favourite mug from another potter that I broke, doh!), Several square plate/bowls graduated in size from small to large, tea bowls of varying sizes, shapes and textures. I can’t seem to remember what else there was. There must be more, it was 100 lbs, and I am sure that what I have listed does not equal 100 lbs. Anyway, I should have enough green ware dried and ready to bisque by next weekend at the very latest. I need to get that tea set glazed and shipped out of here by the 20th or so, just to give it enough time to get there in one piece (crossing fingers and toes).


Just looked at a calendar, and guess what, the 20th is only 11 days away. I might be shipping warm pots :) That reminds me, I once received something in the mail at the last office I worked at that was burnt. It was a large package of paperwork, and the envelope and the top right hand corner of every page was burnt to a crisp. I wonder if some other last minute potter unloaded a kiln and wrapped their pots up and mailed them before they cooled
Here is a picture of one of the pieces I am taking to Medalta if all goes well.

I am hoping that all of the angles, texture and additions pick up all that salty goodness...

Golfing update:
It was nice before we started, it got windier and started to rain by the 4th hole. As we started the last 9 the weather was perfect. Not too much sun, and no wind or rain. I did manage to trip over a very low rope fence, right in front of all the golfers....see, I told you so. I managed to wrench all the muscles on the left side of my ribs, and I came down pretty hard on my right knee, but my pride was the most burised.

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