Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There's snow in them thar mountains

Well, it looks like summer is quickly coming to a close. I noticed yesterday that there was a dusting of snow in the mountains, and now today they are shrouded in clouds (I am assuming more white stuff will be on them tomorrow).


I had a fairly successful firing on Sunday. I emptied the kiln yesterday, and everything except one large bowl, 2 small cruets and, and one side plate worked. The bowl and the cruets crawled, and the side plate had a small little spider web of cracks right in the middle. Now I can start applying the lustre to these plates and cups and bowls to get them ready for the big shoe. I was also really pleased with the teapot I did for the custom order I am working on. Now I just need to get the rest of the set done. I did another serving tray just in case the first one doesn’t make it, and everything is now drying, awaiting a bisque load.

I fired the tests I did for printing on clay. I used some scanned images of my Grandparents, and it looks like I just need to work on my inking technique. Some areas are too black, and others are too light. But, I can see the mountains and glaciers in the background of the one where they are standing in front of Lake Louise, and I can make out their faces in another, not just black blobs. I had originally envisioned mugs with their pictures on them and then giving them away as christmas gifts to all the family members. I have since revised that plan, and I will do small hanging plaques or xmas tree ornaments.

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