Friday, April 25, 2014


I have noticed an intriguing trend in my blog statistics lately. My stats have shot up a lot. Like, a whole lot. I can only attribute this spike to one thing (sunspots and lunar eclipses aside). I joined Instagram on April 3rd, and ever since then, the daily visits have been in the 30-50 range. Normally it’s is more like 10. I know that 1 month does not make a trend, so next month might tell the true story.
Whenever I look at my stats I am always a little shocked to see that there are “people” out there that actively seek out my page. Now, I say “people”, because I only know of 9 actual humans that follow my blog. I know that there are non human entities out there that troll the internet and it makes it look like people are reading my ramblings, but in truth, they are probably just algorithms made to appear human. Previous to my joining Instagram, I could easily pick out the “robots”. There would be that one day where I would get 50 – 100 page views, but the rest of the month would be the regular 10 or so. Now, it is 30-50 every single day. So this can only lead me to believe that actual people are looking at my profile on instagram and going to my blog from there. Not sure, can’t tell, and in the end, does it really actually matter?
The other strange thing about the whole social media thing to me is that potters generally fall into the introverted category. I know, broad strokes, and maybe it is just me, but we spend a LOT of time in the studio alone making work, not pushing our product, marketing our brand, selling our stuff, or just generally tooting our horns. So it feels like I have a bit of a split personality. I still don’t make a lot of time for self promo on line, but perhaps that will change if this trend continues.

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