Monday, April 7, 2014

What goes agound, sometimes comes right back at ya

I just got some good news. I donated a few bucks a couple of months ago to help out Christa Asaad after she was forced to leap from her 2nd story window when her house caught fire and ended up fracturing her spine etc. The fundraising campaign came with the added incentive of possibly being drawn to receive a pot by one of many potters that had donated their work for this purpose. I never thought I would be drawn, there were so many that helped out. Well, I got an email this morning from one Mr. Michael Kline (keeper of the Sawdust and Dirt blog)  to let me know that my name had been drawn to receive his pot that he had donated. I will be adding his sweet cup to my slowly growing collection of pots by potters other than me.
On a sort of tangentially related note: After the flood of 2013, I took stock of what I was left with when the waters receded and most of the pottery that was salvaged were the pots made by others. In fact, ALL of the pots I had bought from others managed to survive, even a paper thin, egg shell porcelain vase my grandparents gave to me from their travels in China.

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