Monday, April 7, 2014


My weekend was pretty productive. I sold a lot of pots on Saturday after work, that was nice. Sunday however was where the pedal met the metal. It did not hurt that the day was like this first picture all day long until the later afternoon when the clouds started getting a bit pushy and obscured the sun. Today is going to be +17 C, so I guess spring is finally here at long long last.
So while the sun was shining outside, I was cruising along at the wheel.

I trimmed up these little "chilli" bowls...I guess there is an unintentional double entendre here...I made an impression of a limpet shell and thought it might look interesting as a press mold. Well, they certainly are eye catching.

I threw 3 of these 5 lb bowls

I then wedged up 9 600g balls and threw these ...

These pots that follow were thrown a few weeks ago and were dry enough to begin scratching yesterday...

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