Monday, March 3, 2014

There be drywall!

WOO HOO!!! Apparently they are hanging drywall and working on the radiant heating in my condo and the other 3 units that were damaged/gutted during the flood last year. All inspections have passed and now they can go full steam ahead with drywall, cabinets, fittings and fixtures etc. It also looks like I will be able to review and sign off on the kitchen cabinet layout, counter colour choice, paint, etc by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. The cabinets will take 3 weeks once they begin the construction, the patio doors and windows are on order and are 4 weeks out. Once I get the layout for the kitchen, I will be out buying appliances.
In non condo repair news, I managed to take a couple of bins of pots down to Galleria on Saturday. It has been a while since I was last able to get down there to re stock, so hopefully these new pieces are well received, as they are a bit different than my usual work. Now I need to glaze the backlog of bisque that is staring me in the face every time I go to the studio (maybe this week?). I have many large bowls and platters to glaze, but the kiln will only accommodate a few at a time, so I will have to fire a few loads to get it all done.
The weather in Calgary has been brutally cold for a very, very long time (-35 and lower with the wind chill). We are normally blessed with the warm Chinook winds during the winter, but not this year. We had a few early on, but they have been nearly absent since December, and those that we have had were too short and did not have much of a warming effect. That being said, it is now March and the fortune tellers meteorologists say that it will be +9 on Saturday (I’m not holding my breath). It has been so cold lately that it is even making the glazing more painful for the students at the studio than normal. Glazing can be hard at the best of times, what with the unknown end results, but when it is this cold, it becomes physically painful. We mix our glazes by hand and those buckets are sitting on the cold concrete. It is like bathing in ice water.

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