Thursday, March 6, 2014

I need a personal shopper

Now that I know that work is progressing in my condo, I have begun the shopping process. New everything….never had that before. When I moved out of my parent’s house (the first time), it was to go to University and I had second hand everything. There were several false starts moving out when I came back to town after graduation. I lived with a few friends here and there and I did not spend much on furnishings. In fact, everything I owned were other people’s cast offs from the 70’s and 80’s. I tried to refinish a lot of it, but very few items would be considered “nice”. They were “timeless” only in that it will probably take a lot of time for the materials to degrade in the landfill, where I am assuming most of them are now. The same went for most of my other stuff like pots, pans, dishes etc. I did make a lot of the ceramic items in my house, like plates and bowls etc, and I did receive a few gifts like crystal wine glasses, cutlery etc, but for the most part, I lived in a thrift shop, except nobody shopped there.
Now I get to pick out new pots and pans, new furniture, new everything. I was out shopping with my mum last night, as she really likes spending other people’s money and I came home with a new toaster, towels, pillows, sheets, pots and pans (gift from Mum) and the collection of new stuff is growing. Hopefully I will have the final dimensions of my kitchen layout and will have a better idea of the timeline so that I can go appliance and furniture shopping. It is getting close, but still not close enough. I want to go HOME.
I should also get a blender….I foresee a party once this is all done and over with and I think there will be a need for blender drinks...little umbrellas for everyone!


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