Thursday, March 13, 2014

New style of mug and other finished pots

Tuesday evening was my regular night to teach and in that class I have a student that brought a mug for me to look at last week. She had picked it up somewhere in the SW US and thought I could tell her how they made it. I was not 100% sure, but thought I would noodle over it on the weekend and see if I couldn't come up with a way. So I did. The idea of the mug is that it does not have a traditional handle. Instead, it has a pocket that pokes into the cup and you can wrap your hand around the mug with your fingers inside the pocket. This is my version. It needs some refinement, and perhaps a template to make the pocket. I just made a pinch pot to avoid seams. So far I have only made 2, but if people like them, I might make more (maybe). They are a bit of a pain, and I could have attached 3 or 4 handles in the time it took me to fiddle with one of these pockets.
In non mug news, here are some pots I have been working on. This one is one of the hightly textured pots I was talking about earlier
This is a shot of a chicken teapot I am working on for an order
Here is a vase with a lot of scratching going on...

and finally a wee little puppy to love in the you can see, she is not so wee anymore)

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