Monday, February 3, 2014

Production Mode

My hands were wet all weekend. I now have a severe case of lizard skin. I spent about 3 hours on the wheel on Friday night, again on Saturday night and then a full 7 hours on Sunday. It felt like I got a lot more done than the picture says I got done. However, I threw all the mugs on Friday and Saturday, trimmed and handled them all on Sunday. The teapot is to go with the short mugs and was thrown on Saturday and then trimmed/assembled on Sunday (required a torch to get it stiff enough). This shot shows all that I made/completed over the weekend.
Here is a shot of all the mugs (19 in all). The short little guys are new for me and I am really liking their simplicity.
This bowl was thrown on Sunday and will have a few handles stuck on the rim.
Finally, this teapot is not my normal bulbous style. I figured I needed something that matched the mugs, so here it is.
I am focusing on resupplying one of the galleries I have neglected over the past while since the flood. I just never seemed to have the time or energy to devote to it. Next will be some more large bowls, serving platters, casseroles etc

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