Thursday, April 26, 2012

Murphy Sucks!

I mentioned in my last post that I would have some pictures of my latest firing. I need to retract that statement. In fact, what I should have said was that I am firing and if the kiln manages to fire properly, I will take pictures. I guess one of the elements shuffled off it’s mortal coil during my glaze firing on Sunday night. We thought all was well when we replaced a burned out element, a week or so ago, but lurking in the back ground was another element waiting to screw up a firing. This would not normally bother me too much, but the sale is only 9 days away, and now the student work will back up again. The kiln actually got to about cone 5, maybe 5.5, so everything looks ok from a distance, but when you actually get up close, you can see that most everything is under fired. The gloss glazes are very satin, the red bodies are too orange when they should be a dark nutty brown and the porcelain just looks dry & not quite vitrified. To remedy this situation, I am going to pack the lot up on Friday and load as much as I can into the slightly smaller kiln at Ceramics Canada and fire it off over the weekend. Then I will spend all day Sunday glazing the last few things I have not had a chance to get to, just in case I am able to load a kiln on Tuesday night (you never know). If not, then this is it, that’s all I can do. I always seem to think that I don’t have enough for a sale, when in fact, I always have too much. Kinda like when you are a kid, and you are confronted with a salad bar. You always load your plate up with more than you should, or that your stomach can hold, and you haven’t even had dinner yet. I recall once when my sister and I were little, my parents took us to Disney Land and we were in a restaurant with a very large salad bar. This salad bar was different than the ones we were used to though. It was kinda like a salad / dessert bar. My sister came back to the table with (no joke) a plate full of whipped cream instead of salad.
This sale does not require much in the way of prep, but I will need to price everything, so the night before the sale, I will be madly stickering, as usual.

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