Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More on Medalta Salt Firing

Things are looking good for a salt firing in November! The cost is $185 per firing and if you have not used Medalta's kilns before, they require that for your first firing, you pay the tech fee so that you have some help learning to fire their kilns (understandable). That fee is $300. So, $485 for one firing, split that in about 4, and you are looking at $121 each. If we squeezed 2 firings in, it would cost $670 ($168 each). I wonder if we could do it. Let’s see...get there really early on Thursday, load and begin firing. Unload Saturday, load again Saturday, unload Monday....hmmmm I wonder, it would be totally worth it to do 2 firings.....I need to get throwing. My brain is all a jumble with ideas now.....

Speaking of firing, I am teaching tonight and will be doing a horse hair firing for those students that want to give it a go. I will also be doing a throwing and a glazing demo as well. I might demo an upside down bowl. There are people in class that are struggling with throwing large bowls, and as this is a recreational class for them, frustration is not good. So, if they can get something large with little or no struggle, they will be happy. I think I will give them 2 options. Throw the bowl upside down and leave the bottom open, and then add a slab bottom later, OR, completely close the bottom in and then continue to shape that into a foot (I will take a picture and post later)

I checked the latest AKAR show out called “The Northerners”. Can I say I LOOOOVVVVE  it. Cathi Jefferson is in it, and most of her stuff is sold already. I took a workshop with Cathi a couple of years ago, and I cannot express how much I learned in that short space of time. I absolutely love her work. So simple but they demand your attention.

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