Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was teaching last night (as usual), but I was also doing a raku firing at the same time. We started at 6:30 or so, and finished at about 9:15 pm. The 06 cone did not bend, but the glazes were definitely mature. I only had 2 small pieces (a tea bowl, and a small bottle vase), and they turned out “OK”. The white crackle glaze did not crackle as much as I would have liked, and the glaze on the inside of the tea bowl feels a bit thin, so I will know for next time to apply a thicker coat. My terra sig blackened quite nicely on the outside of the tea bowl, but the little bottle vase didn’t get enough reduction, but it still looks quite nice. I will take some pics on Friday when I am doing another raku firing. It just got too dark out for really nice pictures (I think summer is over, it is getting darker earlier and earlier now)

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