Monday, July 12, 2010

It's my birthday (in two weeks)

My Wish list

I don’t enjoy asking for stuff, but people want to know what I want for my birthday, so here it is.

-Mac Book Pro (I don’t need a large screen, but a 15” would be nice (I think the 13” would be too small)

-iPad – Cause I want to be cool in school.

-Subscriptions to Ceramics Monthly - scratch that, I work at Ceramics Canada, I can read it for free.

-New trimming tools (or a gift certificate towards their purchase)

-Video Camera that will sit on a tripod. I have started taking videos of myself throwing, and my phone is ok, but it is hard to get good close up’s, I have to prop it up on a lump of clay, and then there is the whole phone near water issue...

- Cotton T-shirts

- bbq with my family, unless the deck is still being reno’d, and then I would be OK with a dinner out somewhere.

-kitchen garbage can with a foot pedal operated lid

-toilet bowl brush


From the sublime to the ridiculous isn’t it...

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