Monday, July 26, 2010

all fired up

I managed to get a kiln load fired on the weekend. It was OK. Nothing jumped out and said “woo hoo!, look at me!”, there were some pretty major problems with some of my pieces. It seemed that every teapot had some glaze crawling in spots, and one pitcher stuck itself to the shelf. Otherwise, everything else was ok, but nothing super spectacular.

I still have some of the backlog left to fire, but it will have to wait until I fire a bisque load before I can fire another glaze load. No pictures this time. It was just too hot, and I was getting tired and sweaty by the time I had unloaded the kiln. It is finally summer time here in Calgary. I think it got up to about 30 Celsius on the weekend, and combine that with a cooling kiln, it was pretty toasty in the studio on Saturday. I might take some pics tonight, I am taking a few things over to my parent’s house for them to pick from. They need a gift for somebody out in Vancouver when they go out next month.

One last’s my birthday today. One last year before 40....


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