Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How do they do it? (and other stuff)

There are people out there that read a zillion blogs, and a zillion news feeds, and then find the time to actually write something every day on their blogs/websites about what they read. They remember to post a link on their site/blog to the site they found the inane info on, and then they have the nerve to tell the world how much time they have by writing about all the stuff they have been doing, reading and thinking etc... :)

I can barely manage my own blog, follow the few that I remembered to subscribe to, and then I only read a fraction of what comes up every day. It’s like people with PVRs or DVR’s. They record an insane number of hours of television and then actually find the time to watch it. I don’t own a PVR, and can barely remember to watch the few shows on television that I do like when they actually air. I have one night this week that I can honestly call “my own”, but just this lunch I agreed (so yes, it is my fault) to help the guys at Ceramics Canada out and do some mind numbing data entry for their new accounting package on Thursday night, so now my week is chock a block. I was Jazzercising Monday, teaching pottery Tuesday, Jazzercising tonight (I blame my mother for the Jazzercise), working tomorrow night at CC, working in the studio on Friday night, working at CC on Saturday, and I believe my “painting” day is on Sunday this week. If not painting on Sunday, then I will be opening up the Studio and working all day there. So yes, I guess my hectic life is my fault, and this stupid “working for a living” thing really gets in the way. My Mum called last night and asked if I would go to Writing on Stone Provincial park with her if I have a day off sometime. I hemmed and hawed, sounds nice, day in the country, not a care in the world, we’ll see if I can scrounge a full day somewhere to go do this and see the petroglyphs etc...

Except for my working for the “man” job, and my Saturday gig at Ceramics Canada, I could choose not to do any of the stuff that I have listed above, but my life would be pretty boring. My house might get clean, and my bank account would be a heck of a lot more robust, but I would still be bored. I wonder if I have AADD (just kidding).

In case you are wondering, I am writing this post in between phone calls and other work type stuff. My dream is to be able to sit on a nice veranda with my laptop (macbook please) and a nice cup of coffee and leisurely pontificate on all things pottery, but alas, I am typing this at a desk, in an office building. My cup of Joe is not good, and right now it is cold, so I need to refresh my life sustaining beverage soon.

In my random web surfing, I came across a fellow potter/blogger who is posting about her month long residency at Medalta, it made me soooooo jealous. That is another dream, go somewhere pottery related for a nice long stretch and totally get into the clay. When I was in Ireland for the week long salt fire workshop with Marcus O’Mahoney, I found it really really hard to get into the clay. It might have been the vast quantity of baked goods that we consumed during the day (every time we turned around we were sitting down for a “break”). We ate a very hearty breakfast every day, then at about 10 am we had a tea break that consisted of tea or coffee, some kind of bread like soda bread, and spotted dick, and scones, crackers, cheese, etc...Perhaps the carbohydrates overloaded my synapses. Then, on the heels of the elevenses, we had lunch, then a 2 pm tea break. We usually finished up around 4pm, and then it was on to dinner. It’s truly a wonder that the Irish are not an obese nation. After dinner it was down to the pub for a pint (you can’t just have one you know). The day would end with a long stumble up the road to the pottery where we would fall into bed and start again the next day. To get off that tangent (it was a nice tangent though), I really want to get a way for more than a week or 2, at least a month of concentrated focus on clay. I got a lot out of my trip to Ireland, don’t get me wrong, but I know that a month would lead to soooo much more. Ok, head is out of the clouds for now, I should probably get some actual work that I get paid to do.

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