Sunday, April 4, 2010

New glaze? Probably not.

I am working on a new glaze. I preformed a quadratic blend of four ingredients and picked one of the tests that looked the best. With that base glaze I preformed a series of line blends with 4 different oxides. The results have come out of the kiln and I have to say that it was a complete failure. I am doing these tests as part of a glaze class and there were some really nice results in other groups. I new that my ingredients were going to yeild some interresting results, even if they didn't form a good glaze. The ingredients were neph sey, borax, a local clay, and bone ash. The glaze that seemed to work nicely as a clear base was just 75% borax and 25% bone ash. Very clear and felt very slick and glossy. Once we added the oxides however, the "glaze" went all crusty and then the clear gloss ran down the test tiles. Not very successful, but informative none the less.

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