Thursday, July 17, 2014

Customer Service is Dead

I got an automated call last night letting me know that my fridge and stove were going to be delivered today between 8 and 11am. I sent out an email to my office letting everyone know that I was going to be late as I was getting my appliances, because that is the courteous thing to do. Well, I sat there, in front of my condo (the one that is still not finished) for 2.5 hours. I called the store (sounds like The Crick) to check on the status of the delivery, but they couldn't contact the driver. I waited some more, I called back, they told me the truck had technical difficulties and had to go back to the warehouse. I left to go back to work. I get to work and not 5 minutes later the driver called to say they were 5 minutes away. I told them, I was 20 minutes away. They told me they couldn't wait. I said "So I waited 3 hours for you, but you can't wait 20 minutes? That is really inconvenient". Driver said they had to go back because they couldn't fit everything on the truck. and that I will have to reschedule the delivery. Wouldn't it have been better to call the customer to let them know that they were going to be late? I was so hungry, I hadn't had any coffee. All I had were a few chocolate mint things that I threw in my purse yesterday. Talk about healthy. So unimpressed. They fall all over you to take your money when you are shopping, but dropped the ball when it came to delivering the goods. When I called to reschedule, it took me 4 tries to get them to answer the phone, and I still have to call back tomorrow to get the delivery times.
I did get a human phone call while I was waiting from Home Depot. They were calling to let me know that my washer and dryer were unfortunately still in transit from the manufacturer. They called, it was a human being, and they will call again to confirm a delivery date once they have them in their warehouse. We shall see how these guys do when it comes to delivery time.

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