Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm 1/4 Scottish, spending money is hard for me...

I was out spending money last night. I had to select, at minimum, a fridge and a stove. The kitchen cabinets are going in pretty quick and they needed the dimensions of the appliances before installation. So I bought the fridge & the stove, then I got a table and 4 chairs. The table is pretty much what I have been looking for, but had not been able to find anywhere until now. It will be tall enough to act as a counter as well as comfortably seat 4 people. It has two 13” leaves, so the table will be short for the most part, but if I want to have a dinner for more than just me, I can. Before, If I wanted to have guests over we would have had to eat in shifts. While I was there, I tried out some living room furniture. I did not think I would buy anything, but there was a leather sale going on. I have not paid for it in full, but have put a down payment on it and will clear up the rest in a couple of days. My bank card just can’t handle that much activity in one day. I got a leather sofa, large leather chair and an ottoman. I may change my mind on the ottoman, we’ll see. Next up, a mattress, bed frame, side table, floor lamps, area rug, etc etc.

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