Thursday, May 22, 2014

Go Go Gadget!

I have been compiling a list of the things I will need when I move back in to my condo and then slowly checking them off as I get them. So far, I have made all of the really big purchases and now I am left with the small items like kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, area rugs, place mats etc. Once I started the list of these smaller items it started to feel like I was in a tornado of spatulas, potato peelers, toilet bowl brushes etc. The list just keeps getting bigger, because you never know when you might need a battery operated garlic press/lemon squeezer, or a deviled egg maker, or an ergonomic/wind powered melon baller. You just never know.
As it stands right now, I will have somewhere to sit, eat and sleep when I move in, if all deliveries occur when expected. I won’t be able to wash my clothes until mid June, but I can deal with that. I should also be able to cook, store food and wash dishes. So all in all, things are going well. I should be back in my place by June 11th ( I hope). It might be sooner, but I’m not counting my deviled eggs until they hatch. 

Come on, who DOESN'T need a waffle maker that makes keyboard waffles, or one that does doll house furniture, or a wiener dicer, or even an alien inspired silicone egg basket? 

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