Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I should just work for dirt

Well, the tax man cameth and doth did taketh away. For various reasons, I owed a wee bit more in taxes this year. Let's just say that when I was laid off last January, I had to decide what I wanted done with my retirement savings that I had been accumulating with the company I was with. I could either take it in cash (less whatever tax they took off) or transfer it to an RSP account of my own. I mean, it was not a lot of money as I had only been on the plan for a year and a half. Well, I was a little short on funds and thought what the heck, I'll take the cash please. I invested some of it, I bought a new camera with a bit of it, and the rest has been sitting in my bank account (subconsciously I knew I would have to part with some of it, but was not sure how much). Also, I don't have taxes taken off my pay cheque from Ceramics Canada, so that had to be added on to the amount owed. Trudy, if you read this, you should just pay me in dirt, preferably with the sticks and rocks removed. Here's hoping that Saturday's sale is busy and profitable (aka breakevenable).

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