Monday, April 29, 2013

Digital Withdrawal - sort of

You know that feeling you get when you are leaving the house for the day? That feeling that you are forgetting something? Why do I never listen to that little voice until I am in the car and half way to wherever I am going (like work) and then like a bolt out of the blue I remember what it was that I forgot to bring with me. Today it was my phone. But it is not just my phone though, it is my watch, my camera, my photo album, my library, my alarm clock, my to do lists, my things to remember (ironic?), it is a whole lot more than just my phone. I am all for planned unplugging from the digital world, but when it is unplanned and accidental, it sucks.

In non digital news, I managed to price and pack most of my pots for the spring studio sale this Saturday. This is a rare occurrence. Not the sale, but the fact that I have priced and packed my pots a week in advance. I am usually doing it the night before the sale, which causes me to stay up late and then risk sleeping in. I have, in the past, actually slept in twice for the sale. I discovered that I can set up in 10 minutes, but am super crabby about it. If I am late, don't get in my way.

There is still a lot to do before Saturday, like getting the cash float for the sale, putting the sale accounting binders together, making sure there is enough paper and plastic for wrapping purchases, putting together a playlist for the music that will be playing in the background, pricing and wrapping the few odds and ends I have not gotten to yet, buying the coffee supplies and loading my car. The problem is that I will have to cram it all into Thursday and Friday night. I still have not done my taxes, so I have to do them tonight. I teach on Tuesday night and the taxes are due on Tuesday. I have a massage booked for Wednesday evening that will render me completely useless, so Thursday and Friday it is. I can probably get to the bank today, but all the other stuff will have to wait until Thursday and Friday. I am not the one heading up the sale, but these are the things I know that nobody is going to take care of or is even thinking of, so I'm it I guess. I could delegate, but it you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.

I'm getting antsy without my phone...

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