Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Everyone can stop worrying and putting up Lost & Missing posters of something that we have never seen, they found the bozon. That is not a typo, as far as I know, no bozos were harmed in the search for the bozon. For all the non partical physicists out there (me included), in a nutshell, this is what Wikipedia has to say on the matter (no pun intended).

There is this guy named Higgs, and he came up with the Higgs Mechanism and a thingy called the Higgs field that relies on the existence of a subatomic partical called the “Higgs Bozon”. The Higgs Mechanism essentially explains why other elementary particles have mass. If the Bozon had not been found, then the Higgsless models would have been considered as more viable explanations. If these alternatives are anything like going braless, I am sure they are not as supportive as the Higgs mechanism.

I thought kinda hard to get that worked in there somehow, don’t hate me because I pun

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