Thursday, May 24, 2012

Does anybody read this, or are you all Spam Bots?

I am always a wee bit curious about how people are driven to this little blog, where nothing of significance is discussed (like geopolitics, economics, war etc). I actually think that most of what I write about is really only interresting to me (I could be wrong). Anyway, back to the stats. Blogger tracks the referring links, referring URLs and the search keywords used to get here. I know my mother links to my blog on her blog, so that explains that. I am listed as an artist on the Centennial Gallery blog, so that explains that. But everything else is still an unknown as to where the traffic came from. The only thing I can think of are spam bots and other mysterious internet robots. I do get a kick out of the fact that people other than myself are googling me and my alter ego the cracked potter. What is weird, is that one of the referring sites is an "alternative social media site" that I do not belong to. I barely use FB. So it is a bit weird to see that my FB presence generates nothing, but other social media that I don't know anything about is generating traffic. The other weird one is a URL fingerprint site, that uncovers "hidden relations", whatever that is supposed to mean. Other people who are more techie than me will just shake their head and roll their eyes at my www naivete.

Anyway, 'nuf said about that. It now less than 42 hours before the sale on Saturday and no, I wont have any really, really, really fresh pots in it, just the month old ones. I thought Dave was going to load the kiln with my stuff that needed to be refired and fit student work in amongst it, and he thought I was, so in the end, he just loaded the student stuff and fired it. So look for the, brand new, fresh as a daisy pots on Etsy in about a week, once I recover from this last sale. I am pretty sure there are going to be some gooders in that batch.

Additional thought:
I have noticed again and again that people keep landing on the post "Late Onset ADD?". I was just trying to be funny, but people also seem to be searching these very words as well, so is late onset ADD a problem that I am not aware of? Do I really have it? Probably not, I can focus really well when the big comfy chair grabs a hold of me and the television is showing something I really like.

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