Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday's pots on Monday

So I'm a wee bit late posting these, but this is a little bit of what I was up to on Sunday. Well, Ok, so I did not make all of this on Sunday, but I touched them all. I refined the feet on the squared off plates, wiped off the shellacked mugs and the tea bowls, threw 10 tall mugs and 4 porcelain bowls (trimmed them too after a few minutes in the sun to dry a bit), and and refined the lid to the casserole. 
I will handle the mugs tomorrow, uncover the rest of the wet work to air dry and terra sig and shellac the 3 square plates. not a bad day. I probably could have done more, but I have been suffering a bit from "potter's elbow" and arthritic thumbs and fingers, so I took it a bit easy on the grunt work. 
I am starting to use more of the terra sig slips on the bas relief pots. I have added in a bit of Mason Stain 6600 black and ceramic rutile powder in one and just the rutile in another, and then apply them to the pot when bone dry. As soon as the sig is dry, I shellac the pattern on. This gives me colour on the very first layer and a white ground colour which I then go over again, wipe off again (but not too much). This process is still evolving in my mind and am thinking along the lines of octopi and other life forms that have a curly cue nature like tentacles, and tendrils etc...

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