Saturday, November 26, 2011

Very strange dream

I finished day one of the CCAA sale today and when I got home I ate some dinner and then had a little nap that turned into a 2 hour sleep. These naps always yield the strangest dreams. This time was no different.
I am in a crowded building somewhat like a very busy hotel lobby and I meet a guy with really disheveled long, curly, dirty blond hair and he is wearing a really big overcoat with a hood, or a hat. Somehow I end up following him and trying to have a conversation, but he is walking really fast and leads me into another area, that while still part of the hotel lobby, appears to be where his "office" is. Anyway, he takes off his coat and all of a sudden, his hair is short and no longer messy. It looks like he has a wig of sorts sewn into the hood. Now he looks like Mikey Teutle (American Choppers fame) but with short well groomed hair. The "me". In the dream is like Zooey Deschanel. I ask about the "hair" and he says something weird like "it's ethnic representation" whatever that means. As we are talking, one of the employees makes smart alec comments about how he is actually talking to a girl and another one is standing at the counter and it looks like he is getting hairier by the second so that now he looks like Michael J. Fox in that teenage werewolf movie. The most bizarre thing was that it was very vivid, like I was watching a movie and the dialogue was totally clear and made absolute sense, at the time of course.

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