Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aftermath of Studio Sale....gettin' ready for the next one

The studio sale on Saturday was relatively successful. I cannot however make any sense of the buying public. In the fall of 2007, before the market took a nose dive, they were not buying much. Then, in the fall of 2008, they were buying a whole lot more, even though everyone was freaking out about the housing bubble. 2009, in the middle of the World Economic Crisis, sales were flat, but not too bad, and then in 2010, we broke records. This year we are down again, not drastically, but still, what is the thinking? Or is there any? Everyone keeps saying that locally made work is making a comeback as the consumer is thinking more about where there dollars are eventually ending up. In other words, they would rather their money went into the pockets of local businesses instead of China.

I made pretty much the same as I always do, maybe down about $100 overall. This now leads to a bit of a supply crisis on my end. I have a 2 day sale coming up on the weekend, and although in the past, it has not had the best turn out, you never know, there could be hoards this time. The CCAA sale is a new event, and this will only be the 2nd year in this location, and I know that it takes time to build a following, so it is better to always be prepared for the best case scenario.

Anyway, I sold about ½ of my work this past Saturday, and now I need to get into the studio and glaze like a demon and get a load in tonight if possible to help fill in the holes. The tricky thing is that I don’t have a lot of work bisqued. I do have some large bowls and casseroles ready to glaze, but nothing very small to fill in the smaller areas in the kiln and help it fire more evenly. Oh well, such is the lot of a procrastinator. I put off glazing too much, too early, and then I pay for it. On top of all this, I still need to put together a catalogue sheet for this sale. I don’t have to do it for any of my other sales, and I don’t like having to do one for this sale, procrastination wins again. I will have to dig through all my smoke fired pieces to fill in any gaps in inventory and price the ones I don’t want to part with really high. That way if they sell, I am not that broken hearted about it. Money sooths a lot of wounds J

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