Friday, January 14, 2011

too busy to blog

It's been a while, I know. I have been getting used to working in a new office, on the other side of the city. It actually takes me less time to get there in the morning, I think. The weather has been really cold and snowy here, so traffic is always stupid. The drive home however is horrible no matter what the weather is like, so it takes me longer to get home after work. The studio is on the opposite side of town from the new office, so I have to fight even more traffic to get there after work. I also used to be able to log into blogger on my iPhone and write my blog entries that way at work as I could use the wireless connection without needing to use the cell network. Now however, the new office blocks blog sites and that includes their wireless network. So, now I am forced to write my blogs at home as well as read all the blogs I subscribe to. Don't know about anyone else out there, but when you spend all day looking at a computer screen, the last thing you really want to do is look at a computer when you get home. So, it seems that my blogging with be greatly curtailed, but I am sure that is no loss, it's not like I am writing the next great masterpiece or anything :)
I also just found out that I will need to travel to Edmonton a couple of times in the next week and half for some training sessions for work, and it will seriously impinge on my time in the studio. I will need to fly out Thursday night, spend the day there, fly back Friday night, and then fly up again on Sunday, spend the day there on Monday and fly back that night. so, the only full day I will have at the studio will be on Saturday (maybe some time on Sunday, but not much). I have lived in Calgary for the past 36 years, and even though Edmonton is only approximately a 3 hour drive north, I have never been to Edmonton. I have passed through on a Greyhound bus, but that's it. I've been to Australia, Ireland, New York, Montreal, etc, but never Edmonton.
I finally managed to get some pots down to the Galleria in Inglewood today at lunch. I needed to get some more stock down there before their annual pottery sale. I didn't have much (Christmas pretty much cleaned me out), but I did have some new stuff, and I have some more on the way, I just need to glaze it, and then I can take it down.
Other than that, I have returned to my regular schedule at the studio, and have been working on some new things. I have begun to exaggerate the rims on a few teapots by forming a really recessed gallery and then further pulling up the rim, flaring it out and making it undulate around the pot. I have also begun the make goblets. I don't normally make them, but I have begun to make them in one part, whereas in the past, I had always made them in 2 parts, and I hated making them cause they never really worked well. These ones have so far proven to be relatively simple to throw, and time will tell if the shape and construction fires well.
Anyway, that's what I've been up to and I will try to set more regular blogging time, I actually found that I missed being able to put my thoughts and activities down "on paper". It's late, I'm tired, and I'm going to sleep.

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