Monday, January 31, 2011

Great Goblets Batman!

This is a few days old, but just to give u an idea about how crazy Calgary weather is, it is now -25is outside...

Looks like Calgary is Canada’s hot spot again today. We are sitting at 13 oC (55.4oF) right now and it’s still January. Sure beats the -29 we had a few weeks ago.

Fairview Studios is having a pot luck dinner tomorrow night. Kind of a “Throw Your Winter Blues Away” party. Apparently I will be doing a demo of my choice and then a demo of Dave’s choice, but he is not telling me what it is. All he would say is that it didn’t involve naked throwing (nobody needs to see that).

I have been working on 1 piece goblets lately. I don’t normally make them, but for some reason, I have been making a lot of them. I have always made them in 2 parts in the past, and I think that is why I never make them. Too hard to make them all the same, and they are a pain in the neck to put together. These however are relatively easy to throw, and then the final shape is revealed in the trimming,. I have been trimming really slender stems on them, so that is the next step – see if they make it through the firing without bending over and kissing the pot next to them.

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