Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long Day

I am sitting here in the YYC (Calgary) airport (terminal 49 to be exact) waiting for my 49 minute flight to Edmonton(YYG airport). It is rather hilarious that it took me longer to drive to the airport than it will to fly to Edmonton (it was rush hour and the roads were jam packed), and that I have now been waiting in the airport since 6:15 and it is now 7:32, and I have been waiting longer that it will take to fly. 
I am not driving to Edmonton because I would have had to leave after work, and it takes 3 hours to get there blah blah blah. Oh well, at least I get to catch up on my blog reading/writing.
I will be staying in the Holiday Inn, and I need to be at my training session by 8am tomorrow morning. This training runs until 5pm, and then my flight leaves at 9 pm tomorrow night. What the heck am I going to do for 4 hours in Edmonton? Nothing, just sit in the airport and maybe eat dinner, read a book, read all the blogs that have been piling up.
Anyway, I plan on going into the studio after work at Ceramics Canada on Saturday, and then again first thing in the morning. I have to do this whole airport waiting thing again Sunday evening though, so I wont be playing in the mud all day.

Did not get a chance to post this before the plane boarded, so this is part 2:

We boarded at 7:40 pm, and we took off at something like 8:15, and then we circled the airport for a few minutes, so we were late landing (9pm). The Airport in Edmonton is so far away from ANYTHING. I wouldn't even say it is in Edmonton. Add to that that the roads here are so sloppy with at least 5 inches of melting snow and slush, the cab ride took about 45 minutes and so I did not get to the hotel until about 10 pm.
I requested a wake up call for 6am (yuck!!), and I have absolutely no idea how long it will take me to get to were I need to go tomorrow morning. Oh well, I will get a cab for 7ish and and if I get there early, then I get there early.
Anyway, it is now late, and I need to get up very early, so I'm going to hit the sack.

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