Friday, June 11, 2010

I must be a glutton for punishment. Dave has asked me to teach for him next Friday night. He is having another one off pottery class for a group of 12 women that want to try pottery for the first time ever. OMG, I thought 4 was hard, 12 is going to be insane. I sure hope they don't expect much one on one help. Last week we did the 7 person one off class for a bachelorette party, and that was OK, but I am sure there were some who felt left out, as others tended to monopolise Dave and me.
On top of this, Ceramics Canada is moving to a new accounting system, and they need me to input the data that wont transfer over from their old program to the new program. I think it looks like about 250 pages of inventory quantities and pricing that need to be entered. My poor fingers.
Again, forgot to take pictures last night, but I was too busy. I will do it tonight, as I can dawdle all I want, and no one will be asking me questions (I hope) I did some cool things last night. I have used the method of painting on sodium silicate to a wet cylinder and then expanding that cylinder to create cracks and fissures in the clay but last night I added the sodium silicate to pansy purple slip, painted the slip onto the wet cylinder, let it dry under a hair dryer quickly, drew squiggles and shapes through the slip and then proceeded to expand with a rib. Very interresting results, and I am pretty happy with them. Just have to see how the slip fires, as I have not used this stain before, but from what I have seen, it should turn a multi hued purple, almost irridescent, where the clay is bare, so I will leave the textured clay bare, and glaze the interiors, the necks, and base only, perhaps in a celadon, not sure yet.

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