Monday, June 28, 2010

Boy do I feel dumb...

Yesterday I was at the studio, and I thought to myself "I should take a video of myself throwing with my new phone that takes video". I go get my phone, turn it on and it is charged up and ready to go. I go get a couple of buckets and a lump of clay to prop the phone up on, but when I get back, the phone wont turn on. I try a hard reboot, nothing, so I think, maybe it ran out of juice and I was mistaken thinking it was charged. Oh well, so I continue on throwing, but it is niggling at the back of my brain. So I clean up early, go home and try charging it, nothing, wont turn on. I have only had this phone for a week and a half, what the heck is going on. I get in my car, drive to the Apple Store in Market Mall (takes oh, half an hour in weekend traffic to get there, and it is hot out and my back is starting to sweat). I walk in and it is mayhem, everyone is ooogling the ipads (they are pretty nice) and I finally find a blueshirted apple whiz to help me. She asks if I did a hard reboot, and I tell her that I did and it didn't work, and it wouldn't charge etc...Well, she preformes a hard reboot, just to make sure, and whaddaya know, it turns on. I guess I didn't hold the buttons down for quite the right ammount of time for the hard reboot to work.....doh!

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