Monday, January 5, 2015

My muscles hurt

I began the 2nd day of the new year with the notion that if I cleaned up my shelves at the studio, I would have lots of room to put all my pots in progress. During this moment of purging insanity, I found all kinds of dried up clay, bags of trimmings and slop. What to do? Pug it I guess. We had a small Shimpo pug mill donated to the studio a while ago (donated because they lost the key and couldn't make it go, but we got it fixed to run on a switch instead). Anyway, I pugged all my stoneware scraps and lumps up and it turns out I had over 60lbs of clay just wasting space on my shelves, but now it is fairly usable. Still quite wet, so I will need to age it a bit. I also reclaimed about 25 kilos of the polar ice clay by hand, the pug mill would have ruined it. Needless to say, my arms and abs (such as they are) are a bit sore with all the wedging and pugging. That little pug mill is on a table that is a bit too tall so you can't use your body mass to push down on the plunger, you need to hang off the handle a bit like a monkey, so ya, my arms are sore. Now I can see what I am working on, I can see where I have been and maybe a little of where I need to go.

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