Monday, December 15, 2014

New Translucent Porcelain

Plainsman Clay's new translucent cone 6 porcelain has finally arrived. I picked up a couple of boxes on Saturday and tested it out that afternoon. The previous batch that they had made was not plastic enough and was really only suitable for hand building. It was the body I used to create that little village diorama. Plainsman revisited the formula and doubled the amount of v-gum and now it throws really well. You can get amazing height and it holds its shape really well and doesn't sit back down on the wheel. I probably pushed it a bit by trimming the pots I made on Sunday, but so far so good. These pictures are some examples of what I was able to create with it. The bottle was 2.5 kg, the mugs were 600g each and the large bowl is a whopping 10lbs. It stays on centre without too much effort, but it is really sensitive to touch, so the pressure you apply when shaping should be gentle and done with care. I also managed to throw another 8 large mugs yesterday and then 8 more 400g mugs. I will begin the trimming and handling on Tuesday.

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