Monday, June 9, 2014

I know that the saying says that there is no rest for the wicked, but I think it's backwards. It should say that the wicked get to nap. Lucy (aka Lucifer) seems to be able to get some zzzz's. I on the other hand, don't seem to be able to get any rest. I am dealing with condo stuff, condo board stuff, work stuff, pottery stuff, no end to the stuff I am trying to juggle. I was calcining alberta slip yesterday so that I could mix up a large batch of our new glaze "purple rain". It is really just Plainsman clay's GA6-C rutile blue, but purple rain sounds better. I mixed in the calcined AB slip a bit hot, as I needed to get it done before I left for the day, but that shouldn't cause an issue (i hope ;) ) Oh ya, I am going to be in a sale on June 22nd from noon to 5pm at the Bamboo Lounge, next to the Drum an Monkey Pub. It is a family friendly event and all are encouraged to come and check it out. There will be a wide variety of art and craft there to satisfy your every need. So ya, busy busy right now, the condo is still in reno mode. I am not sure when I will be moving back, but the appliances are arriving on Wednesday...The furniture too, but I might change that to next week if I can. It was supposed to be done this week, so hopefully next week... fingers crossed.

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