Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Studio Time

The first long weekend of the summer is now over (sigh). I did manage to get 3.5 full & uninterrupted days in the studio, so that is a bonus. I did a lot of black and white sgrafitto, I threw some mugs, and I may have lost my mind a bit, as I threw 1 20 lb canister, 1 10 lb canister, 1 5 lb canister and then topped it off with a 10 lb pitcher. I know full well that I will probably not sell these. Nobody in this town buys jars, let alone massive ones with no actual purpose other than to look pretty.

 This is the 20 lb canister

 Pretty jars all in a row(I know, the handles/lugs suck)

 I was asked to come up with a "chicken" teapot for a student that collects chickens, so this is what I came up with first:
and then just in case it wasn't that obvious, I made this one:
I filled in the time spent waiting for things to dry with these:

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