Monday, October 1, 2012

All the little plates

These are all the little square plates I have been making and experimenting with the shellac resist and terra sig. There were a few fuggly ones in there, but a few really nice ones too.
Here are 6 that I really like:

Has a Tim Burton vibe I think
Love it
Love it
The octopus plate was sold pretty much the second it came out of the kiln, so this is probably the only pic I will have of it. I will have to do more mollusks....
Here are a few other things that I have had on the go for a while and are now ready for the bisque:
I was going a bit dotty by the end of this one
same with this one...
I was working on this bowl while listening to a CBC show that was talking about Glen Gould. While I was shellacking the pattern, they were playing one of his quicker pieces and I think I was flying along with Gould at the same time. The person doing the show said he thought that Gould had "left the stratosphere".

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