Sunday, July 17, 2011

I can't believe it, but I'm almost done. My sister is getting married in October and for her place cards, she asked if I could throw little bud vases that would hold a little sprig of eucalyptus and a bamboo skewer with a name card attached to it. I said "sure, how many do you need?" She said "would 150 be too much to ask?"....
So I finished throwing the little vases this weekend (i did 160 to be on the safe side) and I only have about 40 left to trim and apply the little appliqué with their name and the wedding date. I ended up throwing 8 different shapes and they were all 400 grams of clay each and each shape was thrown 20 times. This let's each table have a different vase at each setting but every table will be the same.
This picture shows the 8 shapes and the second picture is a close up of the appliqué.

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