Friday, October 15, 2010

Catching up

Well, this past week has gone by in a flurry of activity, and I have not been able to even check what all the other bloggers have been up to (until today). My job has changed a wee bit. I now have walls and a door, and I am not sitting up at the front as a receptionist. I have been thrust into the role of project assistant (of which I know nothing). This is in an attempt to help lighten the workload on the project managers shoulders. This new position is going to be interesting, but the learning curve is going to be very steep.

In terms of pottery, I was pretty industrious on the long weekend, even though there was a Turkey dinner to attend, yams to make etc...

I got back into some slip work, , but it is very different from what I have done in the past. I also managed to fire a bisque, but not a glaze. In terms of what I made, I managed to throw the rest of the Dove. I made some more cups for the dinner ware show, some salad bowls, and a cake stand. These are all Dove and are in the “mountain” theme that the rest of the dinner ware is in. I then threw 4 large platters that I went a little berserk with the slip on. I used to apply a very thick layer of slip onto a freshly thrown bowl or platter and then comb through it with a cake decorating edging tool. Now I have just used my slip trailer to apply the slip. I never used to put the decoration in the centre, only the rim, but this time, it is everywhere. I am concerned that the extra water content that I added to them may induce cracking, but I will dry them very very slowly, and hopefully everything will equalize and be ok.

Just a random shot of some of what I was up to

The first slip trailed platter

A close up of the platter

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