Friday, March 19, 2010

testing, testing and more testing

Good Grief! I just got home from mixing 25 glaze tests. I am taking a glaze formulation class, and we had to pick 4 ingredients (1 feldspar, 1 melter, 1 clay, and 1 other ingredient from a specific list). My partner and I chose Nepheline syenite, Doc Mills (a local clay), Borax, and Bone Ash.
We mixed 25 tests of all 4 of these ingredients using a predetermined percentage of each ingredient totaling 100 grams.
My feet hurt, and my hands are chapped.
I am pretty sure we will get some interesting results, most of them will suck, but I am hoping for at least 3 or 4 viable tests.
Must go to sleep now, I need t be at Ceramics Canada first thing tomrrow.
I will take some pics of the resulting tests when they are done.
We will be doing some line blends involving different oxides next week.

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