Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Those sure are nice jugs ;)

The glaze is out, and another went in today (I hope). I was going to take pics this last weekend, but the items I really wanted to take shots of were still waiting to be fired. I did however get my wine jugs out. I took them to the restaurant yesterday, and they are going to decide on a colour. I hope they go for the tea dust with iron rutile accents. It's easy to glaze, and looks fantastic, especially when beside a candle holder, as it picks up the reflections of the flame. Feels nice in the hand too.

It is a typical Italian restaurant, with faux brick fireplace, faux venetian plaster on the walls, terracotta tiles on the floor etc etc...

Anyway, just have to get the owner to approve the colour and price, and away we go.

I am currently working on a set of for eating bowls and a large serving bowl for my parents. They want to give it as a gift to a client. The 4 “eating bowls” would replace a dinner plate and would be used for things like really big salads, stews, pasta etc. I am not sure if they are the right size, but I like them. All the bowls have a flared rim and then some slipwork on the flared part. As this is strictly intended to be functional, I didn't get to crazy with the slip, so it will not have any deep crevices for food to get stuck in. They are all currently drying, all are trimmed and awaiting the bisque, which should be soon.

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