Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This, That, and the Other

Haven't written anything for a while, been a bit busy.
The sale went reasonably well. I sold a few things, and covered my costs. The studio got a lot of interest for classes. I demonstrated at the booth both days, and that always draws a crowd.
I am currently waiting for a glaze firing, as I have some sample wine jugs that need to be delivered to a customer for approval of colours and design etc.
Other than that, I have been trying to get out of a creative slump. I seem to be making the same things over and over again. Teapots, casceroles, large bowls oh my!. So...I mixed it up, and threw some round slabs, and some walls (ie: bottomless pots), and played around with attaching the wall to the slab in various ways. Some were rectangular, others oval, and then the oval ones got pinched in the middle to so that a cream and sugar, or a pair of cruets could fit snuggly in each space. I will post pictures to try and clarify this. Some were given handles on the ends, and one more got arched handles spanning the distance beteen the sides. I then took it a little further and "rolled" the ends gently upwards to ad a little lift to the pot and then added textured coil feet. Now that I think about it, I can see, in 2 days of trying to loosen up a little, I can see the progression from stiff to loose. The first 3 altered pieces were rectangular, with very crisp edges where the wall meets the base, and the sides were straight up and down, with little embelishment, if any. The last dish started out as an oval, and ended up to be quite fanciful. There is still tension in the piece, but when paired with the loosness of some of the elements, it is balanced quite well (in my humble opinion anyway).
We had another guild meeting a few weeks a go, and 4 of us met just this last Monday to hammer out our charter (bylaws, mission statement, etc). Everything seems to be going well. Now we just need to register the group, start collecting fees, and begin doing those things that guilds do.

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