Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Getting there

There seems to have been more condo related stuff on this pottery blog than actual pottery. Well, this will soon come to an end. Apparently my condo will be finished on Friday this week (September 5th). I have arranged for all of my furniture to arrive that day as well as the guys to come and stack and hook up my washer and dryer. I have a friend helping me move one piece of furniture from my Sister's house to mine as she will have no room for it once the baby arrives and I have a spare room that needs some furniture. I took this picture on Tuesday morning. There was still a lot of stuff to get done, but they have made progress. I still need a microwave hood fan installed, the closet organizers need to go in. There is still some work to do on the radiant baseboards as well as window coverings, plumbing fixtures, bathroom sink/toilet and some paint touch ups and a little bit of tile in the kitchen...then they need to flip the switch and get power to the units.

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